FIFA World Cup: Lots of Soccer Dudes with Cool Tattoos

man with tattoo

FIFA World Cup – Famous soccer’s Tattoos – 1984 Tattoo Studio -Tattoo Hanoi With the World Cup about to commence the final game, we take a look at why tattoos are so popular among the teams. If you’ve been watching the World Cup games, and about half of the world’s population is, you’ve probably noticed […]

Listen to Tattoo Artist’s Advices

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Tattoo Artist’s Advices – 1984 Tattoo and Piercing Studio – Tattoo Hanoi Recently, a Texas man went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico a mere five days after getting freshly tattooed — and died. His tattoo, an open wound still at that point in the healing process, was infected by Vibrio vulnificus, a bacterium commonly […]

It’s Summer Time! Protect Your Tattoo Properly


How to protect tattoo in summer – 1984 Tattoo and Piercing Studio – Tattoo Hanoi – Tattoo Guide We all want to soak up those rays, but you don’t want to ruin that tattoo you love so much. Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone, and school is almost out. It’s that time of the […]