Delicious Vietnamese Pho Tattoo – Nothing better than a bowl of Pho

Vietnamese Pho tattoo

People are getting more and more Vietnamese Pho tattoos, as you can see much lately. We are curious about this trend, as well. If this is your first-time travel to Vietnam and want to taste the traditional bowl of Pho, be an early riser. And while you’re having your taste of that deliciousness, follow us […]

Hot News – 1984’S First art campaign to raise awareness of the Covid-19


In this unusual occasion, the Coronaviruses outbreak, 1984 Tattoo & Piercing Studio always wondered what we could do for Vietnam, for the warrior spirit of Vietnamese people. As one of the first tattoo studios to raise awareness and caution for our customers, we always do our best to keep the community safe and healthy. And […]

It’s travel time: Vietnam beach tattoo that you’ll not want to miss

3000km of phenomenal coastline, it’s easy to understand why tourists and backpackers are crazy about Vietnam. But once you’ve loved their beaches, it’s hard not to fall for a Vietnam beaches tattoo. These coastal areas have been one of the most significant hidden gems of Vietnam.  Smooth and incredible sand dunes, crystal clear water, and […]

Marvelous snake tattoo – Origin, meaning, and ideas

Sneaky, seductive and sinful, is that all the snake tattoos are about? Snakes are the magical animal in most of human folklore and imagination. They represent many powerful meanings, which can be found in Chinese, Greek, and Western culture. Some of the most famous definitions of this animal are quite negative, but if we are […]