Secret behind a sternum tattoo – Explanation, tips, and aftercare advice

secret behind a sternum tattoo

As you may hear about it or scrolling through it on Instagram, sternum tattoo is the hot new trend of 2020 among women. Sternum tattoo is eye-catching, impressive, and incredibly sexy, but what more do you want to know about it? Come on in, here are some secrets no one tells you about sternum tattoos.  […]

The outbreak of virus Covid-19 and what 1984 TATTOO & PIERCING Studio campaign


As we may have heard about it, we are facing the largest pandemic recently– the virus COVID-19. This is a new strain of coronavirus that is linked to the same family of SARS. Our country is doing phenomenal work of trying to present the disease to spread while taking care of currently infected people. In […]

Vietnamese coffee tattoo: Extraordinary designs for coffee lovers

Vietnamese Coffee Tattoo

Any travelers who come to Vietnam will fall hard for Vietnamese coffee. Rịch, bitter and sweet, it’s so hard to resist a cup of coffee in this beautiful country. But if you want to step up in the coffee game, how about a Vietnamese coffee tattoo? Here we have some of the most delicious looking […]

12 Incredible koi fish tattoo design for men and women

blackwork fish tattoo

Asian koi fish tattoo design started with just a pure, common carp in China. Then they made such an incredible journey to Japan and profoundly influenced Japanese art, which included tattoo art. Koi fish tattoo designs are a common subject in the industry since it’s so hard to resist its charm. In this article, we […]

22 Charming plant & flower tattoo for men – Guys’ inspirations

A few years ago, whenever speaking of a flower tattoo, most men will connect them with their feminine side and meaning. However, in the modern tattoo community, flower tattoos are now accepted and loved by both men and women equally. In fact, if you get to know them correctly, flowers have some masculine or unisex […]