Vietnam is the country of art, deep traditional culture, gorgeous scenery, and amazing foods. No wonder why it’s rated one of the best places to visit of all time. In tattooing, traditional Vietnamese tattoo is one of the most wanted concepts for both locals and foreigners. It’s not easy finding a good design for your […]

Coolest small tattoo design for freshers

A tattoo doesn’t need to be massive to be recognized as art. These days, small tattoos are getting trendier and trendier with both genders. Unlike other oversized and extremely detailed designs, small tattoos are elegant, charming, and just because they are tiny doesn’t mean they aren’t meaningful. Small tattoos are pretty, sometimes as a small […]

29 Most gorgeous rose tattoo design for men & women

If you are looking for a timeless piece of the floral tattoo, we must say that nothing can compare with an outstanding, classic rose tattoo. These tattoos have a long and impressive history since the 30s, and without any doubt, it’s just an excellent floral design for both men and women. However, have you ever […]

Deer tattoo – Incredible things you should know

Graceful and majestic, the deer is well-known as the most impressive animals in the forest. Artists often describe the animal as the symbol of gentle, lovely, but hiding insane strength inside. No wonder why a famous deer tattoo is an outstanding choice for tattoo lovers. As you can see in the past few years, deer […]


Maori tattoo design – trend vs. tradition

What is a Maori tattoo? Have you ever seen a Maori tattoo design? Some of you might have asked the above question when seeing someone with just a phenomenal tattoo walk by. But how much do we actually know about the culture and history behind Maori tattoo design? The Maori tattoo art was brought to […]

Powerful tiger tattoo – Meaning & design

Tiger tattoos

Tiger is the largest cat species on the entire planet. It is a fierce and graceful animal, which is also called the king of the jungle in many cultures. Based on that magnificent look and power, tigers have made their features in all kinds of art, including painting, movies, cinema and, of course, tattoo art. […]