Top 6 most inspirational tattoo meaning and designs

Your body is the canvas, and tattoos are art that creates stories on it. From a simple rose tattoo to an intricate, detailed mandala, every tattoo meaning is different, vibrant, and diverse. Of course, before having these designs on your skin for the rest of your life, you will need to understand their meaning correctly. […]

Majestic Asian dragon tattoo – Orgin, history and meaning

In Asian culture, especially East Asian, the dragon is the most magical creature. According to their mythology, the dragon is a considerable part of historical events and art, emphasizing the image of royalty and legends, which explain why dragon tattoo is extremely popular in these countries. In contrast, to Western civilizations, dragons were linked to evils […]

Tattoo girl top choice: Best tattoo tips and design for girls

Tattoo for girls is now one of the most common subjects on the Internet and at every studio. Some studies even said that the amount of tattoo girls is getting more and more in numbers, and in the future, the number of females having a tattoo will grow much more extensive than males. You can […]