Friday the 13TH – An excellent holiday of tattoo culture

Friday the 13th – the famous unlucky days of black cats, witches, shattered mirrors, ladders – and to the tattoo community – cheap tattoos. We would describe Friday the 13th as a tattoo Black Friday with a huge frenzy running from tattoo studio to studio. The day is an “if you know, you know” things […]

Best tiger tattoo design for men – Feel the king’s vibe

Tigers are the wildest animal that comes with grace and power, and since saving them is a battle, they can be a timeless piece of tiger tattoo design. Nowadays, tigers can only be found in South East Asia, China and part of Korea and people are trying their best to save these extraordinary creatures from […]

Rose tattoo meaning – Combination and design

Without any thorns, these rose tattoos are still looking sharp and beautiful. They are the most recognizable tattoos in the world. However, when it comes to a rose tattoo meaning, people only knew a small part of it. There is a vibrant and wealthy culture behind a rose symbol. A rose tattoo combination with features […]

29 Craziest tattoo full sleeve for men

Whenever getting a tattoo full sleeve, you should rather go big or go home. It’s an excellent option if you want an entire masterpiece on your limbs. Tattoo full sleeve or full-body has long been loved by many cultures all over the world. And since then, there’s no doubt that a tattoo full sleeve, covering […]

25+‌ Small flower tattoos that are too pretty to have‌

If you’re searching for a new tattoo design but have been too familiar with massive and impressive tattoo design, how about small flower tattoos? It’s just perfect for flower lovers, in general, to opt for such a beautiful, delicate and elegant tattoo design. With these tiny flower tattoos, you can have them as the central […]

30+ Amazing flower tattoo design to blow your mind

Each tattoo often carries a small message, which speaks for your personality without using any words. If you’re searching for some great option, flower tattoo design will be just right. Every flower represents different meanings and symbols, and we know you might not only want to see the designs, but you’ll also need to love […]