FIFA World Cup: Lots of Soccer Dudes with Cool Tattoos

man with tattoo

FIFA World Cup – Famous soccer’s Tattoos – 1984 Tattoo Studio -Tattoo Hanoi With the World Cup about to commence the final game, we take a look at why tattoos are so popular among the teams. If you’ve been watching the World Cup games, and about half of the world’s population is, you’ve probably noticed […]

Listen to Tattoo Artist’s Advices

oldschool color it tattoo

Tattoo Artist’s Advices – 1984 Tattoo and Piercing Studio – Tattoo Hanoi Recently, a Texas man went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico a mere five days after getting freshly tattooed — and died. His tattoo, an open wound still at that point in the healing process, was infected by Vibrio vulnificus, a bacterium commonly […]

It’s Summer Time! Protect Your Tattoo Properly


How to protect tattoo in summer – 1984 Tattoo and Piercing Studio – Tattoo Hanoi – Tattoo Guide We all want to soak up those rays, but you don’t want to ruin that tattoo you love so much. Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone, and school is almost out. It’s that time of the […]

Tales From Earthsea: Powerful Dragon Tattoos

full back asian dragon tattoo

  Dragon Tattoo – 1984 Tattoo and Piercing Studio – Tattoo Hanoi There are just as many folk tales and legends of dragons as there are dragon tattoos, and we’re not mad about it at all. Okay, so Tales From Earthsea is this really awesome book full of essays and fantasy stories by Ursula K […]

We All Float Down Here With Our ‘It’ Tattoos

realistic IT tattoo

Clown Tattoo – 1984 Tattoo and Piercing Studio – Tattoo Hanoi Pennywise the Dancing Clown is back in the box office smash “It.” I hate clowns, I have always hated clowns, and I’m pretty sure that I will hate clowns until the day I die. But for some perverse reason I adore the Stephen King […]

No Rose Without A Thorn: Rose Tattoos To Make You Swoon

oldscholl rose and knife tattoo

Rose Tattoo – 1984 Tattoo and Piercing Studio – Tattoo Hanoi – Mr. Tung Kem’s work They may be painful to get, but these rose tattoos will make you wish you had more skin to cover in ink. There are many myths and legends surrounding the creation of the rose. Its beauty, its fragrance, even […]

How to Select Good Tattoo Studios & Designs

1.    Tattoo Guide: Brief History Of Tattooing Tattoo History – 1984 Tattoo and Piercing Studio – Tattoo Hanoi As of you may have already know, tattoos are created by inserting colored materials beneath the skins surface. The first tattoo was probably created by accident. Some caveman had a small wound on his skin, he stained […]

German Doctor Demands Soccer Teams Ban Tattoos

tattoo of soccer player

FIFA World Cup – Famous soccer’s Tattoos – 1984 Tattoo and Piercing Studio -Tattoo Hanoi While arguing that tattoo ink poisons the blood, a German doctor calls for elite soccer teams to ban their players from getting tattooed. As the only player to ever win the coveted Balon d’Or five times, Lionel Messi is likely […]

About to have an Industrial Piercing? Read this first!

As we can see on many fashion Instagram posts these days, industrial piercing is a unique and extremely interesting position. You can be edgy, rocking that strong style or slide on a cuter look, just simply with an industrial piercing. However, aftercare for this piercing requires much more attention. So if you’re about to have […]

Everything you’d wish to know before getting Nose Piercing

Are you planning to get your first nose piercing? Well, besides knowing where to get your nose pierced, differences between piercing position, there are so much more you need to be aware of. Previously we have done some articles of pain levels, other piercing positions guides, so you can check them out if you want. […]

Ear Piercing tips and advice for beginner 2020

A standard, regular ear lobe piercing is fun, and almost every piece of jewelry works with it. But what about other ear piercing positions? Have you ever tried them out? If you’re scrolling through Instagram these days and wondering why there are a lot of new piercing placement and trends, you’ve searched for the right […]

Piercing experience: Which hurt the least & piercing tips for beginners

Piercing pain level mostly depends on each person’s experience, so it’s quite hard to tell which from which. Here at 1984 Tattoo & Piercing Studio, we receive questions about how piercing feels, how much it hurt, and how to get rid of that “ouch.” So after all of our research and customer feedback, we finally […]

Lip Piercing – The complete guide and explanation

Lip piercing is a popular piercing style to add a touch of impression and attractiveness to your outlook and even personality. But when it comes to breaking down “what is lip piercing,” it’s not easy to explain. How much do you really know about lip piercings? Before making such an important decision, why don’t we […]

Septum Piercing – The biggest trend of 2020

SEPTUM PIERCING – THE BIGGEST TREND OF 2020 If you think you’re seeing more and more people, even celebrities have septum piercing, high chances that you are right. Septum piercing has been one of the most significant trends in 2019 and continues to bloom all over 2020. Most female celebrities, including Rihanna, Zendaya, Jessica Biel, […]

What is Helix Piercing? – Helix Piercing facts that might surprise you

Looking for a fresh new piercing? Add something extraordinary and cool to your look? Welcome on board, my dear, you’re just right for a helix piercing. Trendy, attractive, and unique, that’s what you can see from a distance with a helix piercing. However, it’s often mistaken for other piercing positions such as the outer conch. […]