How Does a Tattoo Actually Work

realistic color flowers tattoo

  How Does a Tattoo Actually Work – 1984 Tattoo and Piercing Studio – Tattoo Guide – Tattoo Hanoi The science behind why your tattoo doesn’t last forever and ever. The science behind a tattoo is one of the oldest processes in history, even if our ancient ancestors didn’t entirely know the biology behind their […]

The Shape of Things: Geometric Tattoos

Geometric Tattoo – 1984 Tattoo and Piercing Studio – Tattoo Hanoi These awesome geometric tattoos will leave you needing new ink, and soon! It’s funny, isn’t it? Most artists hate mathematic equations, but sacred geometry is where the two meet: math meets art. The beauty of this is that geometric tattoos can be small, minimal […]

Everything you should know about tattoo price

tattoo-price-2 (1)

Surely, before getting a tattoo, people, especially those who are going to get the first tattoo, will have many questions. One of the biggest concerns is usually about the price: Is tattoo expensive or cheap? On what factors are tattoos valued? How much money will their tattoo cost?,… This article will help you clear up […]

The Face of Love: Portrait Tattoos

Portrait Tattoo – 1984 Tattoo and Piercing Studio – Tattoo Hanoi These portrait tattoos will remind just how powerful a beautiful face can be. These portrait tattoos will remind you the power of a look…of the emotion a face can imbue with just one glance. With style, ease, and sometimes a little humor, these pieces […]

Tattoos of the Villains That Keep Harry Potter on His Toes

Harry Potter Voldemort tattoo – 1984 Tattoo and Piercing Studio – Tattoo Hanoi Some say Lord Voldemort is He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Tattooed, but we vehemently disagree. All good storytellers understand that even the most appealing and virtuous hero is worthless if they aren’t paired with a terrifying villain. The more formidable the bad guy, the better the hero […]

How To Prepare For Your First Tattoo

  Preparing for the first tattoo – 1984 Tattoo and Piercing Studio – Tattoo Hanoi – Tattoo Guide You have put down your deposit and your session is booked – so what can you do to prepare for the pain of your first tattoo? 1984 Tattoo Studio is your number one destination for everything tattoos […]

The Many Stages of a Healing Tattoo

Tattoo Healing Process – Tattoo Guide – 1984 Tattoo and Piercing Studio – Tattoo Hanoi 1984 Tattoo Studio is your number one destination for everything tattoos — finding a shop, preparing for your first tattoo, learning more about the tattoo community. Our guides are meant as a toolkit to help you be the best client […]


In the last few years, the watercolor tattoo has been the most favorite of many tattoo lovers. Trendy, fashionable, unique and gorgeous, no wonder why the popularity of watercolor tattoos is booming in thousands and thousands of designs. However, just like painting on any other canvas, watercolor tattoos need a lot of special care and […]

10 Amazing VIETNAM landscape tattoo for nature and travel loves

The tattoo community is getting more and more crazy about landscape tattoo and design. The demand is just insanely high. As many people said, the most well-spent time and money are for traveling. Due to that, taking a photo of your most favorite travel destination is not enough anymore. People want something bolder, more impressive, […]

13 Secretly gorgeous armband tattoo that you’ll love


Armband tattoo had been one of the most insane tattoo trends a few years ago. As you thought the bias has gone, it’s coming back with a much more powerful move. Armband tattoo is always so marvelous and appealing. If you love a tattoo that’s both gorgeous, meaningful, and bonus easy to show off, this […]


When it comes to inking, most people prefer some types of tattoos that have some extraordinary features to stand out from the crowd. But since the number of people getting tattoos is increasing rapidly, it’s easy to find out some types of tattoos that are commonly favorite. Most of them will be tattoo designs that […]


wolf tattoo meaning

Fearless, strength, and leadership, there are many beautiful meanings behind a marvelous wolf tattoo. It’s a common choice but never went out of style. In fact, a wolf tattoo is considered a mainstream design, and almost every tattoo artist has some of this design up their sleeves. It’s such an appealing and persuasive image to […]

Delicious Vietnamese Pho Tattoo – Nothing better than a bowl of Pho

Vietnamese Pho tattoo

People are getting more and more Vietnamese Pho tattoos, as you can see much lately. We are curious about this trend, as well. If this is your first-time travel to Vietnam and want to taste the traditional bowl of Pho, be an early riser. And while you’re having your taste of that deliciousness, follow us […]

Hot News – 1984’S First art campaign to raise awareness of the Covid-19


In this unusual occasion, the Coronaviruses outbreak, 1984 Tattoo & Piercing Studio always wondered what we could do for Vietnam, for the warrior spirit of Vietnamese people. As one of the first tattoo studios to raise awareness and caution for our customers, we always do our best to keep the community safe and healthy. And […]

It’s travel time: Vietnam beach tattoo that you’ll not want to miss

3000km of phenomenal coastline, it’s easy to understand why tourists and backpackers are crazy about Vietnam. But once you’ve loved their beaches, it’s hard not to fall for a Vietnam beaches tattoo. These coastal areas have been one of the most significant hidden gems of Vietnam.  Smooth and incredible sand dunes, crystal clear water, and […]

Marvelous snake tattoo – Origin, meaning, and ideas

Sneaky, seductive and sinful, is that all the snake tattoos are about? Snakes are the magical animal in most of human folklore and imagination. They represent many powerful meanings, which can be found in Chinese, Greek, and Western culture. Some of the most famous definitions of this animal are quite negative, but if we are […]

Secret behind a sternum tattoo – Explanation, tips, and aftercare advice

secret behind a sternum tattoo

As you may hear about it or scrolling through it on Instagram, sternum tattoo is the hot new trend of 2020 among women. Sternum tattoo is eye-catching, impressive, and incredibly sexy, but what more do you want to know about it? Come on in, here are some secrets no one tells you about sternum tattoos.  […]

The outbreak of virus Covid-19 and what 1984 TATTOO & PIERCING Studio campaign


As we may have heard about it, we are facing the largest pandemic recently– the virus COVID-19. This is a new strain of coronavirus that is linked to the same family of SARS. Our country is doing phenomenal work of trying to present the disease to spread while taking care of currently infected people. In […]

Vietnamese coffee tattoo: Extraordinary designs for coffee lovers

Vietnamese Coffee Tattoo

Any travelers who come to Vietnam will fall hard for Vietnamese coffee. Rịch, bitter and sweet, it’s so hard to resist a cup of coffee in this beautiful country. But if you want to step up in the coffee game, how about a Vietnamese coffee tattoo? Here we have some of the most delicious looking […]

12 Incredible koi fish tattoo design for men and women

blackwork fish tattoo

Asian koi fish tattoo design started with just a pure, common carp in China. Then they made such an incredible journey to Japan and profoundly influenced Japanese art, which included tattoo art. Koi fish tattoo designs are a common subject in the industry since it’s so hard to resist its charm. In this article, we […]

22 Charming plant & flower tattoo for men – Guys’ inspirations

A few years ago, whenever speaking of a flower tattoo, most men will connect them with their feminine side and meaning. However, in the modern tattoo community, flower tattoos are now accepted and loved by both men and women equally. In fact, if you get to know them correctly, flowers have some masculine or unisex […]

Tattoo art 2020 – Most epic tattoo design

In these recent years, getting tattoos is more and more popular for both men and women. Artists’ phenomenal works also help the culture to be recognized as tattoo art finally. After all, getting some ink on your body is an incredible way to express your personality, and thousands of people love that brilliant idea. Deciding […]


Vietnam is the country of art, deep traditional culture, gorgeous scenery, and amazing foods. No wonder why it’s rated one of the best places to visit of all time. In tattooing, traditional Vietnamese tattoo is one of the most wanted concepts for both locals and foreigners. It’s not easy finding a good design for your […]

Coolest small tattoo design for freshers

A tattoo doesn’t need to be massive to be recognized as art. These days, small tattoos are getting trendier and trendier with both genders. Unlike other oversized and extremely detailed designs, small tattoos are elegant, charming, and just because they are tiny doesn’t mean they aren’t meaningful. Small tattoos are pretty, sometimes as a small […]

29 Most gorgeous rose tattoo design for men & women

If you are looking for a timeless piece of the floral tattoo, we must say that nothing can compare with an outstanding, classic rose tattoo. These tattoos have a long and impressive history since the 30s, and without any doubt, it’s just an excellent floral design for both men and women. However, have you ever […]

Deer tattoo – Incredible things you should know

Graceful and majestic, the deer is well-known as the most impressive animals in the forest. Artists often describe the animal as the symbol of gentle, lovely, but hiding insane strength inside. No wonder why a famous deer tattoo is an outstanding choice for tattoo lovers. As you can see in the past few years, deer […]


Maori tattoo design – trend vs. tradition

What is a Maori tattoo? Have you ever seen a Maori tattoo design? Some of you might have asked the above question when seeing someone with just a phenomenal tattoo walk by. But how much do we actually know about the culture and history behind Maori tattoo design? The Maori tattoo art was brought to […]

Powerful tiger tattoo – Meaning & design

Tiger tattoos

Tiger is the largest cat species on the entire planet. It is a fierce and graceful animal, which is also called the king of the jungle in many cultures. Based on that magnificent look and power, tigers have made their features in all kinds of art, including painting, movies, cinema and, of course, tattoo art. […]

Top 6 most inspirational tattoo meaning and designs

Your body is the canvas, and tattoos are art that creates stories on it. From a simple rose tattoo to an intricate, detailed mandala, every tattoo meaning is different, vibrant, and diverse. Of course, before having these designs on your skin for the rest of your life, you will need to understand their meaning correctly. […]

Majestic Asian dragon tattoo – Orgin, history and meaning

In Asian culture, especially East Asian, the dragon is the most magical creature. According to their mythology, the dragon is a considerable part of historical events and art, emphasizing the image of royalty and legends, which explain why dragon tattoo is extremely popular in these countries. In contrast, to Western civilizations, dragons were linked to evils […]

Tattoo girl top choice: Best tattoo tips and design for girls

Tattoo for girls is now one of the most common subjects on the Internet and at every studio. Some studies even said that the amount of tattoo girls is getting more and more in numbers, and in the future, the number of females having a tattoo will grow much more extensive than males. You can […]

Friday the 13TH – An excellent holiday of tattoo culture

Friday the 13th – the famous unlucky days of black cats, witches, shattered mirrors, ladders – and to the tattoo community – cheap tattoos. We would describe Friday the 13th as a tattoo Black Friday with a huge frenzy running from tattoo studio to studio. The day is an “if you know, you know” things […]

Best tiger tattoo design for men – Feel the king’s vibe

Tigers are the wildest animal that comes with grace and power, and since saving them is a battle, they can be a timeless piece of tiger tattoo design. Nowadays, tigers can only be found in South East Asia, China and part of Korea and people are trying their best to save these extraordinary creatures from […]

Rose tattoo meaning – Combination and design

Without any thorns, these rose tattoos are still looking sharp and beautiful. They are the most recognizable tattoos in the world. However, when it comes to a rose tattoo meaning, people only knew a small part of it. There is a vibrant and wealthy culture behind a rose symbol. A rose tattoo combination with features […]

29 Craziest tattoo full sleeve for men

Whenever getting a tattoo full sleeve, you should rather go big or go home. It’s an excellent option if you want an entire masterpiece on your limbs. Tattoo full sleeve or full-body has long been loved by many cultures all over the world. And since then, there’s no doubt that a tattoo full sleeve, covering […]

25+‌ Small flower tattoos that are too pretty to have‌

If you’re searching for a new tattoo design but have been too familiar with massive and impressive tattoo design, how about small flower tattoos? It’s just perfect for flower lovers, in general, to opt for such a beautiful, delicate and elegant tattoo design. With these tiny flower tattoos, you can have them as the central […]

30+ Amazing flower tattoo design to blow your mind

Each tattoo often carries a small message, which speaks for your personality without using any words. If you’re searching for some great option, flower tattoo design will be just right. Every flower represents different meanings and symbols, and we know you might not only want to see the designs, but you’ll also need to love […]


5 best tattoo studio in hanoi for foreigners

Tattoos and piercing have been one of the most well-known forms of art that are used to express personal characteristics for hundreds of years. No matter how large or small you want your tattoo to be, these tattoo studios got you back. So if you’ve just arrived in Ha Noi and are looking for a […]


As a beginner, getting to know and selecting a decent tattoo style for your first one is not easy. It is also very important to understand and choose wisely when it comes to tattoo styles, so we thought it would be helpful to show you our perspective on the 5 most famous tattoo styles in […]


New School tattoo had its first appearance in the late 70-80s in California, America by artists experimenting with fresh and extraordinary designs of that time such as cartoon characters, science fiction themes tattoos and many more. New school tattoo has been a staple of tattooing since then and as a tattoo studio, we also keep […]


Traditional style tattoos have been well-known for a long long time and there are great reasons behind it. It’s famous for its iconic design with bold black lines wrapped up artwork and vibrant colors. By having a traditional tattoo inked on the skin, we’re not only honoring the long historical point of this art style […]


Having a tattoo is making an artful permanent mark on your body. It’s the commitment of body and the art you put on, so first thing first, you gotta choose the ideal tattoo location on the body. Whenever getting inked, we know that you’ll always want your tattoo to look impressive and long last. However, […]


When working on a tattoo lettering session, we always try to help our customers to create a unique and special design with many text/font generators, then adding a bit of personal touch on it. No one wants boring, dull and unattractive letters sticking on their skin for years, right? Tattoo lettering is more and more […]


Tattoo art, resembling as symbols, signatures or religious signs, has been around for thousands of years. Humans have been marking their bodies with tattoos for beauty, for showing bravery or even some kind of punishment and torture. Reaching down below the roots of tattoo arts will take us back in time, through the world of […]


Realistic is one of the most popular art movements in the 20th century that concentrates on expressing the real objects or portrait and imagination. Realism artists were eager to create the vision of reality and dream through their piece of art. This is the main feature that made realistic art so bizarre, insane and crazily […]


unique neo trad tattoo ideas to get inked

Neo trad tattoo, which is mainly known as Neo-traditions are evolving more and more lately. More styles and designs are coming up, including 3D, neon, white ink and so many more. Using modern techniques to recreate the same iconic image and symbols, neo trad tattoos nowadays are getting large in popularity. Since then, the style […]


into the charm of mandala tattoos ideas and meanings

Mandala tattoos are an ancient-inspired style that is made of basic geometric shapes, mostly triangles, squares and lines combining and creating a beautiful circular pattern. Mandala is also an iconic symbol of Hinduism and Buddhism, it’s used in both art and architecture to express spiritual meanings. Being an ancient and religious form of art, however, […]


1984’s essensual guide of inking blackwork tattoo

Tattooing is the ultimate choice of a lifetime, a permanent mark that you decided to put on your body. It is the form of art that uses body and skin as the canvas to express love, believe and personal ideas. There are thousands of possibilities of placement for your tattoos and blackwork tattoos are just […]


6 best types of chest tattoos for women

Whether big or small, the chest is still an ideal location for your tattoo. When it comes to chest tattoos for women, the design can be much more elegant and versatile, depending on how you want the design to be. If you are looking for inspirational ideas of chest tattoos for women, you’ve come to […]