About Us

Welcome to 1984 studio!
Located at the heart of Hanoi and Hoian, our studios have been a go-to place for all of those who have a passionate love for tattoo since 2015. We have many professional artists with different styles which can satisfy all requirements of customers. Our space with the highest hygiene and professional service is the best choice for you to get a tattoo.



To book in, please contact to our knowledgeable and friendly staff who will help you through the process. We cater to the first time, the long time collectors and everyone in between, and excel in both custom pieces and walk-ins. Check out our portfolios to find an artist that suits your style.


You’ll need to be 18 years of age with government issued photo ID or with parental consent. We start at a minimum of 500.000 VND and booking deposits are required. Final price is dependent on size, details of the design and location on the body where it will be placed.

All custom tattoos require in-person consultations in advance to scheduling the tattoo.



Get pierced by the pros. With the highest standards in sanitization, we offer professional body piercing along with a world-class selection of body jewellery in a safe and comfortable setting.


Piercings at 1984 Tattoo & Piercing Studio are done by walk-in only, no appointments necessary. You must be 16 years old for most piercings, with government issued photo ID.  However, more extreme piercings will require you to be 18. Pricing varies based on body part and jewellery choice. Check ups are always free and encouraged. It is advised that you eat and are hydrated prior to getting a piercing.


to be continued..