Piercing – Questions and Answers

  • Your piercing will swell for the first 1 or 3 weeks, depending on individual skin.
  • When it’s healing : itchiness, pain, irritation or yellow liquid might dry up around the piercing area. (Please clean them when you see them)
  • Food such as : water spinach or morning glory, beef, sticky rice and chicken’s skin.
  • Changing the jewelry too soon once you got them pierced.
Yes, you can. However, it depends on the placements and your body condition (just in case of swelling)
For cartilage piercings (on ears or nose), you should get 2-3 piercings per side maximum.
  • We always recommend using a straight stud for the first piercing because it moves around less than a ring, which fastens the healing process.
  • For the lobe area which is easy to take care of and heal, you can get a ring from the first piercing.

If you need any further questions about piercing, feel free t