What Piercing service Do Our studio Offer?

Our shops do every kind of piercing service that you can imagine. Here are some of the more popular ones that we offer:


Our stores offer a wide variety of piercings to cater to your unique style. Here are some of the most sought-after options that we provide. 

If you’re unable to find what you’re looking for, please leave us a message here. We’ll do our utmost to locate it for you.


Common Questions


  • Your piercing will swell for the first 1 or 3 weeks, depends on individual skin.
  • When it’s healing : itchiness, pain, irritation or yellow liquid might dries up around piercing area. (Please clean them when you see them)

What to avoid?

  • Food such as : water spinach or morning glory, beef, sticky rice and chicken’s skin.
  • Changing the jewelry too soon once you got them pierced.

Can I get many piercings at the same time?

  • Yes, you can. However, it depends on the placements and your body condition (just in case of swelling)
  • For cartilage piercings (on ears or nose), you should get 2-3 piercings per side maximum.

Can I get a ring right from the first piercing?

  • We always recommend using a straight stud for the first piercing because it moves around less than a ring, which fastens the healing process.
  • For the lobe area which is easy to take care of and heal, you can get a ring from the first piercing.