Come to 1984 Tattoo Studio, you will be welcome by not only our skillful artists but also a group of friendly English-speaking staff. We respect your original idea and we also share our extraordinary experience then give you honest and best advice on Dos and Don’ts. Together we’ll make your idea turn into one and only tattoo. Service consultation are also provided for free of charge.


When the final agreement has been made, tattoo artist then begins to work on the design. Combine your requests and our artistic minds to create beautiful, quality yet, unique artwork.


Is this what are you looking for? Keeping hygiene is the leading principle of 1984 Studio. All tattoo equipment is carefully sterilized and covered, every single needle, razor, ink cup,… is one-used only, tattoo ink imported from US,…This shall ensure a happy, satisfied experience for you through out the tattoo session. All you need is relax, sit back and we’ll take care of the rest.


Beside all of the above, aftercare is also an important step that you and your friends need to know. The way you take care of your new ink and how you do it, has a big impact onto the healed tattoo. Our staff will share their own knowledge, what they experienced and helpful tips to guide/support you till the very end.
tattoo aftercare instructions