Daruma Tattoos – The perfect tattoo for Japanese lovers

Daruma Dolls are one of the most popular forms of Japanese folk art, so, naturally, Daruma Tattoos are so famous. In the form of a round-ish, bold color, they reflect more than just a lucky charm.

1. Daruma tattoos – Inspiration

These tattoos are another form of art that tries to mimic the design of Japanese Daruma dolls, which is modeled after the Buddhist monk, Bodhidharma. Daruma dolls are now one of the most famous inspiration for Asian tattoos all over the world. They are a symbol of good luck, wealth and happiness, based on the Japanese word written on its chest. Daruma tattoos is a folk-art design that is either meaningful and special in every aspect.

2. Daruma tattoos meaning

Daruma tattoos – the perfect tattoo for japanese art lovers


Every smallest detail of Daruma is symbolic in Japanese culture, create a deep and charming meaning to the small doll. With its round shape, no arms and legs, Daruma tattoo is a reminder to the legend when Bodhidharma lost his limbs through 9 years of dedication for meditation. With its round and heavy shape, Daruma also bearing a Japanese saying “Nanakorobi yaoki” – which is “Fall seven times, get up eight”. Daruma tattoo, without any further explanation, is also a story of dedication and strength, always arises no matter how hard the situation is.

Daruma tattoos – the perfect tattoo for japanese art lovers


The most common color for both Daruma tattoos and dolls are red, which is originated from the monk’s robes. Also in Asian countries, red is a color that symbolizes good luck, fortune and wealth.


They are often inked with hollow eyeballs, which is the most noticeable feature of a Daruma. It’s said that the large, white and blank eyes are related to Bodhidharma slashing his eyeballs out during his 9-year meditation. Another theory is that the empty eyes come from the idea that people want the God soul in Daruma to help them achieve their goals, so they’ll give God their eyesight as thanks. From that, they are a reminder for their owner to keep track of goals, motivation and big achievement.

Written words

Of course, the true meaning of Daruma tattoos are words written on their chest. Luck is commonly written, but other words such as fortune, wealth and others can normally be found on a Daruma tattoo. That’s is one of the reasons why Daruma tattoos are so famous in the Japanese – Asian lovers community.


However, when you’re thinking of inking a Daruma tattoo, keep in mind that size does matter. The size of the doll usually associate with the magnitude of the wish, so if you want your tattoo to interpreted your hope, your Daruma tattoo size should reflect that.

3. Summarise

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All in all, Daruma tattoos are inspired by Japanese folk wishing dolls that bear a lot of deep meaning. It’s one of the most culturally-based tattoos that emphasize luck, fortune and wealth. Based on your preference, Daruma tattoos can be inked in fine-line, adorable minimalistic or even realistic. If you are in search of the finest place for your Daruma tattoo, remember to check out 1984 Tattoo & Piercing Studio.

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