Must know: Health risks of tattoo from disreputable parlors

In Vietnam, the art of tattooing is gradually becoming popular, especially among young people. People get tattoos as a visual display of a personal narrative, self-expression or reminders of a milestone in their lives. Because of the increasing demand, the market witnessed a blooming in the number of tattooists and tattoo studios. Due to the lack of thorough research, many customers have given their bodies to nameless parlors, leading to undesirable results that they must carry for their whole life. Let’s figure out what risks may occur if you try before you trust.

What is tattooing?

Tattooing is a form of using a specialized tattoo machine, injecting pigments into the epidermis, thereby changing the skin pigmentation on the body. Human skin has 3 layers: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. The ink droplets will be taken by tattooists to the bottom layer of the dermis. Because it is located very deep, it will be very difficult to fade, as well as very difficult to remove or fix if you own a tattoo which you’re unhappy with. 

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The risks of getting tattoos from disreputable parlors

Whether your tattoo is beautiful and durable depends a lot on the tattoo studio you choose. If you choose unqualified studio, the possible risks to your health are:

  • Tattoo is not as beautiful as it should be

At present, many new tattooers don’t have enough expertise,  have no knowledge of art, techniques of using machines and tattoo tools; don’t know how to treat skin right during tattooing, etc …It easily comes out as a bad looking result to customers. 

Health risksHealth risksHealth risks

  • Infection of the tattooed area 

Infections of the tattooed area have many causes: due to the placement, hygiene, and aftercare, … but the objective reason is mainly because the tattoo artist does not know how to handle the skin. Left a place that causes the skin to be deeply damaged, also do not clean tools and skin carefully before tattooing, leading to infection. Along with that, there is no procedure to guide customers the steps of cleaning and caring for the damaged skin after the tattooing process. This also increases the risks of infection of the tattooed area.

Health risks


  • Allergy to tattoo ink

Tattoo ink used on the skin is a special ink which is safe to put into the human body. Currently, many tattooists have no conscience and knowledge, use bad quality tattoo inks to maximize profits without carrying the health of the customer. Those inks normally originated in China, ingredients containing many heavy metals and formulated with high concentrations, making the skin “poisoned” easily, even endangering the health of the whole body in the long run. 1984 Studio always uses ink of famous brands, imported from the US, to ensure medical safety criteria. 

Tattoo ink from reputable brands is not only safe for human health, but also researched and formulated to bring the highest aesthetic effect with fresh, durable, pigmented when tattooed on the skin. Seemed as a small thing, not many customers pay attention to, hence causing negative impacts on health.

  • Spread of infectious diseases

Tattooing is a specified job, involving a lot of medical expertise. Therefore, during the tattooing process, workers need to ensure strictest medical standards so as not to spread infectious diseases in the community. “One customer, one needle” is the first principal. Some disreputable may not sterilize and disinfect tools well before the tattoo, causing the person’s illness to infect others. Especially customers with infectious diseases will affect healthy customers.

  • No tattoo warranty

With unreliable tattoo studios or tattooers, without a standardized and professional workflow, customers may don’t have a chance to be touched up or covered by the warranty service if something goes wrong with your tattoo. Tattoos are a mark that stays on your body for a lifetime, so a reputable tattoo studio will be responsible for that tattoo forever if you choose the right place. For example, after a while, your tattoo is blurred, you want to touch up or improve your tattoo to make it more beautiful, then a reputable studio will help you do it for free, instead of having to spend double the cost or more money to get your tattoo in the best condition.

Criteria for evaluating reputable tattoo establishments

Before having a new tattoo and avoiding risks, research carefully and choose for yourself the most reliable facilities. Do not choose a cheap one for a moment and then have to regret your choice when you put your faith in an unsecured place. Here are some criteria to help you evaluate the studio you choose to get a tattoo is good or not:

  • Artist is skillful, highly specialized, many years of experience
  • Ensure the highest hygiene standard and qualified medial tattoo tools
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Received many reviews and positive feedback

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