Piercing Trends Of 2024

The year 2023 is almost over, and we are ready to welcome 2024 with some new piercing trends. What was hot this year may not be hot next year, as trends change fast these days. So we have done some research and found out what we think will be the most popular piercings in 2024. Here are some of the piercing trends that will be in high demand next year!

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The helix piercing is a trendy choice for your ear. You can wear many kinds of jewelry in this piercing, such as hoops, studs, or rings. You can also get one, two, or three helix piercings. This piercing is on the cartilage, so it may take longer to heal than other piercings. But it is worth it, because the helix piercing is very stylish and versatile. It will be a popular piercing in 2024!

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The tragus piercing is a simple and beautiful piercing that many of our clients love. It is one of the most requested piercings by our piercers. And we understand why. The tragus can look elegant with a simple gem or stud, or you can make it more fancy with a different jewelry. We have a lot of tragus jewelry in our shops, so you can change it when your piercing is healed. The tragus piercing is definitely a trend to watch in 2024!

These two piercings are becoming more trendy in 2019. The piercing on the left is called a snug. It is above the anti-tragus, and it is pierced with a curved barbell. You can wear different kinds of jewelry in this piercing when it heals.

The piercing on the right is called a “Shen Men” piercing. It is similar to the daith piercing, but it is supposed to help with anxiety. It is based on an acupuncture point that controls anxiety. If you have anxiety, you may want to try this piercing.

Piercing TrendsPiercing Trends



The nostril piercing is the new trend for the nose. The septum piercing is not as popular as before. The nostril piercing can be done in different ways. You can have one, two, or three nostril piercings. You can have them on one side or both sides of the nose. The simple nostril jewelry is more fashionable, but you can also wear a gem or a hoop. You should wait until your nostril piercing heals before you change to a hoop.



 4. Navel / Belly 

Navel piercing is a popular trend today for women who want to show their charm and personality. A beautiful piercing around your waist can make you shine and catch everyone’s attention.

Hindus and medical practitioners believe that navel piercing can help you improve your emotional and mental control, such as your willpower and faith. They think that the navel piercing works as a “guardian” that keeps positive energies in your body and blocks negative energies from entering.

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