Everything you’d wish to know before getting Nose Piercing

Are you planning to get your first nose piercing? Well, besides knowing where to get your nose pierced, differences between piercing position, there are so much more you need to be aware of. Previously we have done some articles of pain levels, other piercing positions guides, so you can check them out if you want. But in this article only, we will show you some further information rather than just pain and the amount of time for them to heal. Down here is everything you’d wish to know (and should know) before having nose piercing.

Will It Hurt?

Nose Piercing


Of course. We wouldn’t think anyone with a healthy mind could say that nose piercing is not hurtful at all. As everyone has a standard pain threshold – which means you can withstand an average, little level of pain, nose piercing will hurt like 3 or 4 on the scale of 10. So preparing to get hurt is much better than thinking that’s not painful at all.

Nose Piercing


But relatively, we must say that the pain will go over pretty quick, after 5 minutes or so then you can continue your life. Pain killer will be necessary if you feel any dizzy and ache later. Thus, eat fully, be well nutritious before getting your nose to pierce, you will feel much better.

Health Concerns

Nose Piercing

Getting nose piercing is quite a risk, as you may concern. From the clinical point of view, the nose area is the danger triangle, which means that at this area veins are connected to the sinus cavity. Anything on this part can easily get infected, which you might recall from the teenage ages when pimples pop up in this area. So when getting nose piercing, you should be aware of:

Infection: Your nose contains several bacteria and viruses that can cause an infection. So one small tip is to dip your nose piercing in slightly salted water for 60 seconds. Do this a few times a day to make sure the area is clean.

Bleeding: Any piercing will bleed, that’s absolutely normal. But also be careful not to bump into your piercing when changing clothes every day while your nose piercing hasn’t healed yet. It will cause swollen and unwanted bleeding.

Allergy: To some of your surprises, you could be allergic to metal nose jewelry. To avoid this, make sure that your piercing is safe. To our experience, the most reliable material for your jewelry is titanium and stainless steel.

Safety Tips

Nose Piercing


As a professional tattoo and piercing studio, we have some tips that will be useful for you to know before having pierced. You can use this as a checklist to make sure that it’s safe for you to get a nose piercing at the studio or piercer you’ve chosen:

  • They need to ask if you have any health problems or are your during pregnancy.
  • Give your precise instruction of the process.
  • They are piercing with needles only. That way, their tools can be appropriately sterilized. DO NOT PIERCE with piercing guns.
  • Sterilize your nose jewelry.
  • Wash hands before and after piercing, using sterilized
  • Open a new, fully sealed needle package.
  • Clean your nose with alcohol before piercing.
  • Give you careful aftercare instructions.

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