Men’s tattoo – boldest design that never fails to impress!

Men’s tattoo is a gorgeous form of body art that is skyrocketing in popularity these days. It was once something every mom prohibited their sons (and maybe still are) but has been widely adored by modern culture. Since the world is getting crazier and crazier with ideas, it ensures that there is no such thing as a boring tattoo. Due to one small research, people tend to find one particular person more attractive when that one has a tattoo or well explain the meaning of their tattoos. And let’s be honest, there is no man who wouldn’t want to be the center of attention. Thus, having a bold tattoo means you’re carrying a great conversation starter with you all the time. Tempting enough to keep scrolling? Come and see what we’re holding for a great men’s tattoo collection.

1/ Most impressive men’s tattoo: realistic 

Whenever we encounter a realistic men’s tattoo, all we could do is gasp and can’t stop gazing at it. And we know everyone has the same reaction, it’s too impressive, especially under the hand of some talented artists. Wanna get that spotlight, gents? Then you know what to do. With realistic tattoos, you can choose your design from any subject. But trust us, among all portraits, and real objects that mean the world to you shall be the best choice. You will soon get asked why you choose them as a tattoo, is there anything behind the image, and hundreds more. Thus, it creates the rough, masculine vibe that nothing could beat. 

men's tattoo

men's tattoo

men's tattoo

And with travel lovers, it’s just incredible to have a piece of your favorite destination on skin. You now can keep the memories alive for a lifetime, real and bold. And just imagine how many stories would revolve around just one single tattoo. 

Here at 1984 Tattoo & Piercing Studio, we have some of the best artists specialized in realistic tattoos. Anything you desire, just let them know, and let’s see what these talented guys could come up with. 

2/ Most meaningful men’s tattoo: lettering designs

A letter, a word, a quote from your favorite book or movies, those tattoo inspirations always look so wise and meaningful. Although it’s a bit nerdy, it guarantees a fascinating talk ready to open up as soon as people ask. Along with quotes that shake your hearts, these men’s tattoos could be ones that remind you of who you are, where you from, or simply a date of your child. Just a minimal, delicate design that speaks a thousand words, how great is that?

men's tattoo

But to achieve the look that you desire, choosing the right font is quite important. You can have a look at some Sans Serif fonts or Old English designs. However, to really level it all up, tell your tattoo artist to mix up and play around with fonts to have a unique lettering tattoo. 

3/ Most masculine men’s tattoo: animal theme

What is your spirit animal? Why does it mean so much to you? Once you could answer these 2 questions, you could easily decide which animal you’d choose for your next tattoo. In fact, animal tattoos are the subject that we are most requested to do and design. Each carries its own meaning and represents a different angle of life.  For men’s tattoo, people often ask for great and powerful animals like tigers, lions, wolves or eagles. 

But this doesn’t mean you are limited to these ones. Shark, fishes, or dove are also cool inspirations as well. Or how about some smaller animal, like a cat or your pet doggo, or even a tiny ladybug? Such tattoos show many corners of your soul and could be used as a perfect piece of art to impress others. So what would you like to express through your tattoo? 

4/ Who said men can’t pull a mandala tattoo? 

Mandala is a delicate and elegant tattoo design that will never go out of style. The design itself is mostly seen on a woman’s body. But it doesn’t mean that a dude couldn’t rock this tattoo. A simple mandala tattoo represents fulfillment and the circle of life, and it could go absolutely well with others’ theme and subject. Normally, people would pair mandala circles with a lotus design. However, to make it suit a guy’s style, we highly recommend mixing these perfect circles with a geometric animal tattoo. Not only it means much more sacred, but also carries the power of that animal. 

And who said mandala tattoos are only for girls, once a dude rock it, it’s even better! 

5/ Make yourself stand out with a bold flower tattoo. 

Have you ever thought about a flower tattoo? Don’t worry, it’s not the small, delicate lines you’re thinking about. We highly recommend every guy should have a flower tattoo for themself. You can choose a realistic rose tattoo, matching it with a clock, dagger, or compass. Or if you want something more sophisticated, plants and leaves with a few wildflowers is really cool, too.  And nothing could be bolder than a masculine guy having a delicate, special floral tattoo that he loves so much. Why not, right? 

Men’s tattoo has never been limited to any form, design or subjects. So why not hop on some of these fantastic inspirations? These tattoos could be masculine, could be delicate and complex, and it could be anything. So guys, stop doubting when choosing your latest design, anything you love shall be the boldest tattoo. The most important thing at the end of the day is what you want to express through a tattoo, and what is the story you want to tell. Which have you chosen through our collection?

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