Deer tattoo – Incredible things you should know

Graceful and majestic, the deer is well-known as the most impressive animals in the forest. Artists often describe the animal as the symbol of gentle, lovely, but hiding insane strength inside. No wonder why a famous deer tattoo is an outstanding choice for tattoo lovers. As you can see in the past few years, deer tattoos are making a spectacular comeback. The revival of deer tattoo leads to the increase in popularity of unique designs such as realistic, mini tattoo, and geometric. In today’s episode, let’s discover the hidden message behind a graceful deer tattoo. 

Most popular deer tattoo designs

There isn’t any limitation of style and creativity when it comes to a deer tattoo. However, to our research, here are some of the most famous style that you can use as inspiration for your upcoming beautiful deer tattoo

  • Geometric deer tattoo: a modern and trendy tattoo style. Geometric deer tattoo uses a lot of straight lines and shapes to create the image. Geometric is often done in black ink. If you want to have a more energetic twist on the deer tattoo design, consider doing half geometric and half realistic. 

deer tattoo

deer tattoo

  • Minimal deer tattoo: a simple and elegant twist. If you’re not a fan of the big and sophisticated tattoo, a medium-sized, abstract design deer tattoo is just right for you. Minimal deer tattoo is also done in black ink. However, you can push your design further by adding a touch of watercolor to it.

deer tattoo

  • Realistic deer tattoo: nothing describes the grace of a deer better than a realistic image. Realistic deer tattoo is the real deal when it recreates the image in such a skillful and incredible way. 

Deer tattoo myths and history

Every tattoo carries an incredible story of its legend and history, associate with meanings to its owner. And undoubtedly, deer tattoos have their own myths as well. Deer was considered an immortal animal in the 4th and 3rd century B.C. since the Celts believed that the creature had the magical power. According to them, deer can connect the living life with the Afterlife. It was a magical animal back then due to its speed, grace, and strength. 

In ancient Greece, people believed that Artemis, the daughter of Zeus and Apollo’s sister, loved spending time in the forest with all kinds of deer. That made the animal associated with God and power. Centuries later, in Roman time, the deer was portrayed as an animal of intelligence and courage, which can overcome any obstacle with fierce. Since then, people had the gorgeous deer tattoos as the hope of having the animal’s features.

Fast forward to modern days, the magnificent deer is now brought to the cinema screen through “Bambi,” then “Chronicles of Narnia,” “Harry Potter”,… And most recently is the famous T.V. series “Game of Thrones” to make the deer tattoo once agai

n back to the chart of the most popular tattoo. 

Deer tattoo meanings

Apart from the magical implications from its myths, the deer tattoo also has its own sets of definitions in tattoo cultures. But first, you have to keep in mind that there’s a distinction between doe and stag, which is female and male deers. Doe deer tattoo often shows kindness, gentle, love, and motherhood, while stag means strength and power. In general, a fierce deer tattoo represents peace, intelligence, strength, and beauty. It can also mean improvement with ages. 

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