Mandala Tattoo – Meaning and Design

Mandala tattoos are originated from ancient India, which represent the universe. These tattoos are a form of art that has a deep meaning of spiritual and ritual practices for centuries.

1. What is a Mandala Tattoo?

Mandala, which means “circle” in Sanskrit word. In the form of tattoos, they are created by circular patterns with a central point. Just like a circle, a mandala tattoo is meant to reflect balance, perfection and eternity. Mandala tattoos are unique and incredible designs that emulate the harmony of a circle in geometry, which also bears a deep meaning and gorgeous aesthetic.

Mandala tattoos – meaning and design

Mandalas are often be found at religious sites, they have existed for a long time before getting famous as tattoos. Mandalas can be seen in artworks of Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian. They are often embedded in room design for prayer or meditation. Mandalas are linked with focus and dedication, which symbolize the body and mind balance.

2. Mandala Tattoo Meaning

Mandala tattoo is one of the most popular themes when it comes to tattoo designs. On their own, mandala tattoos often has the meaning of eternity, which represent the universe. Mandalas are the design that creates calm, peace and mesmerizing at the same time. In modern tattoo design, mandala tattoo is now combined flower blossoms, mostly lotus to represent feminity, growth, delight, and rebirth.

Mandala tattoos – meaning and design

Mandala tattoos are also commonly referred to geometric patterns to representing the cosmos and infinity of life. By combining mandalas tattoo design with other styles, some artists can infuse other stronger meanings and characteristics into the artwork. This is a great way to make your mandala tattoos unique and special.

3. Getting a Mandala Tattoo

Here at 1984 Tattoo & Piercing Studios, mandala tattoos are mostly personally built. We work with our clients to catch the core ideas and then create the design. Each person will have a different vision and interest for their mandala tattoos, so it’s unique and personalized. The mandala tattoo designs first based on a client idea, shape or image, then our artists will carefully construct surrounding layers, rotation angles and the number of points on the mandala to fit the desire of our clients.

1984 Studio - Tattoo & Piercing

For each body placement, the mandala tattoo design will influence the amount of detail it contains. For example, a tattoo on a leg or arm, the mandala design will have less detail but more dept and contrast; tattooed on the back will have more place for detail since it’s seen from a direct straight point of view. A mandala tattoo needs precision, extreme detail, and creativity.

1984 Studio

Mandala tattoo is found in many different cultures so there is a wide range of inspiration, which can come in floral or even tribal patterns and even in any shapes. This artwork has gone through the test of time and will continue to bloom in the next few years. More than just a tattoo, a mandala tattoo is a personal statement art piece that captures the deep meaning of life.

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