Lip Piercing – The complete guide and explanation

Lip piercing is a popular piercing style to add a touch of impression and attractiveness to your outlook and even personality. But when it comes to breaking down “what is lip piercing,” it’s not easy to explain. How much do you really know about it? Before making such an important decision, why don’t we have a look at some pieces of advice for what you need to know before getting that lip ring? This type of piercing is recklessly cool, but knowing more about it will definitely make you feel comfier before stepping into the session. Let’s talk about that.

What Is Lip Piercing?

lip piercing

When talking about piercing, people have loved them for years and have been using it to decorate their body or facial. If done right, every piercing will look absolutely amazing. So we highly recommend asking your piercer for some proper consideration before having one.

It is a way to modify your body by creating personalized holes at some spots of your lips and surrounding area then inserting a piece of jewelry. There are up to 10 types of lip piercing, so you can check them out and pick your favorite. Lip piercing has a rich history in African and ancient American culture. The practice was widespread to women at that time. However, nowadays, many men find piercing attractive and even make them more masculine.

Most Favorite Position And Name

lip piercing

Just like any other way to decorate your body, there are various exciting ways to customize and personalize lip piercing. No position is the best position, it depends on how you like it and will it be suitable for you. First we’ll go through some common locations and names of these piercing.

Labret: under the bottom lip, center, or sometimes in the middle of the bottom lip.

Philtrum: which is also known as Medusa, is in the middle space of your lips to your nostrils.

Madonna & Monroe: on the side of the upper lip.

Next up, when getting to more advanced lip piercing placement, it’s all about the double and quadruple. These are often done in pairs to create a unique and fascinating look.

lip piercing


Dahlia: at two outer corners of the mouth

Snake bites: represents fangs, placed on the lower edge of the bottom lip, in pairs.

Angel bites: quite identical to snake bites, but on the upper lip.

Dolphin bites: a pair of lip piercing places in the center, underneath the bottom lip.

Cyber bites: a combination of the Labret and the Philtrum lip piercing.

Will It Hurt?

lip piercing

Just like any other piercing we have said before, lip piercing will hurt, but it’s tolerable. The piercing session is quick and easy to get through, but what is important is the healing process and aftercare. Apart from casual piercing aftercare, you should also need to be careful not to bump into or get any friction around. You should also be extra cautious not to bite or hurt the piercing, or else it will damage and cause unwanted discomfort.

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