Ear Piercing tips and advice for beginner 2020

A standard, regular ear lobe piercing is fun, and almost every piece of jewelry works with it. But what about other ear piercing positions? Have you ever tried them out? If you’re scrolling through Instagram these days and wondering why there are a lot of new piercing placement and trends, you’ve searched for the right place. Ear piercing is having its movement in the fashion industry this 2020, and you are about to witness it. Comes with a handful of ear piercing spots and places for each different vibes, you will have a ton of exciting things to have fun with. Let’s get into it.

Common Ear Piercing Guides

First, you should do some research before stepping into any piercing studios, whether it’s searching for info on the internet just like what you’re doing, or hitting your local piercer to ask for their advice. In general, research is a must. You should be well aware of the location that you’re about to get ear piercing, how long will the healing time be, what you should do before and after getting ear piercing, and tons of them.


The next stage is to study yourself, learn about your body, how your body responds to most kinds of pain will show clearly your reaction with an ear piercing. Be fully aware of your pain tolerance, and if you can’t handle much pain, make sure to note that down and inform your piercer about that.

Next is choosing the location. Even though ear piercing is some of the most accessible types, you still need to find the right position to suit your ability and style. Start easy, and once you’ve mastered and been good with the healing process, you can go for further advanced ear piercing.

Then all you need to do is find a professional piercer. If you are around Hanoi or Hoian, make sure to hit the 1984 Tattoo & Piercing Studio. Not only has a high reputation for piercing services, but our studios are also the right place to keep you safe and thoroughly sanitized. You should always avoid piercers who offer suspiciously low prices and don’t check necessary information like IDs, pain tolerance, and so on. And whenever you come to get your new ear piercing, bring a friend with you. You will need someone who can help you to calm down and be comfortable. After piercing, you will need some good time to relax before getting back to daily activities.

Ear Piercing Trend of 2020

Starting with the outlook of some famous fashionistas, the look of multiple ear piercing has spread all over the internet, and girls are getting crazy about them. Since then, they no longer belong to the choices of only stars and celebrities; anyone can rock this fashion statement piece. Without a doubt, more and more jewelry is made to suit various piercing spots on the ear. Ear piercings are mostly safe and healing quickly without any pain, so if you’re about to have some cool ear piercing, you have just come to the right place. A cool ear piercing will give you that edgy, attractiveness that you’ve ever wanted thus absolutely trendy.