The True Meaning of Koi Fish and Lotus Flower Tattoo

The koi fish and lotus flower are two phenomenally meaningful symbols in Asian culture. For those who choose these two designs, we bet that you’ll want to know deeply about the meaning that they’re bearing. However, for both of them, the colors seem to affect its meaning the most. So down here in this article, we will break down the meaning behind every detail of the koi fish and lotus flower tattoo. You can save this as your ultimate guide and use it next time you want to get one of these magnificent designs.

1. Koi fish and lotus flower myth

In Asian countries, koi fish and lotus flowers are the two largest inspirations and cultural symbols.

The true meaning of koi fish and lotus flower tattoo

Koi fish has a long and deep involvement in Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese culture due to the myth of the koi fish becoming dragons. Based on this particularly magical legend, most of the Koi fish meanings are rotating around it. According to the Chinese culture, the koi fishes kept trying to overcome the waterfall for 100 years. At last, only one succeeds and the Gods want to reward its huge effort and dedication. They decided to turn it into a marvelous golden dragon. However, in Vietnam, we have another myth associated with the Koi fish. According to most

Vietnamese, the fish is one of the main helpers to get the Kitchen God’s back to heaven before every Lunar New Year. As when it does, the Emperor of God saw that and appreciated its efforts, he turned it into a dragon to help them get back to heaven easier. As all the myths said, koi fish represent dedication, transformation, power, and luck.

The true meaning of koi fish and lotus flower tattoo

Lotus flower is a beautiful type of flower. One of the most adored features of it is that lotus flowers grow out of ugly muddy places. The lotus itself bears great meanings, which symbolized strength, purity, beauty and overcome any circumstances.

The true meaning of koi fish and lotus flower tattoo

Bringing these two beautiful symbols together, koi fish and lotus flower represent further growth, strength and great goals.

2. Koi fish and lotus flower colors meaning

In general, a koi fish and lotus flower tattoo can have those beautiful meaning:

  • Overcome hard struggle and obstacles in life
  • Reaching a greater goal
  • A lot of luck
  • Power
  • Independence and masculinity
  • Love and friendship

The true meaning of koi fish and lotus flower tattoo

However, with each significant koi fish and lotus flower tattoo colors, there are some distinct meanings buried deep inside. As you’re about to have your first koi fish and lotus flower tattoo, this is the ultimate guide for you to choose the desired meaning of your tattoo.

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The Koi fish and lotus flowers share the same major colors, which consist of black, white, red and blue.


The black koi and lotus flower carry the symbol of masculine, manliness, and success of overcoming obstacles in life. It’s a great representation for anyone who has overcome some tough battle and has settled down with new strength and dedication.

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The red color is often linked with love, intense love. Red one symbolize power, bravery, love, and incredible sympathy.


A blue one not only show masculine, reproduction but they also bring calmness and peace to anyone having this tattoo on their body.


The white one have the meaning of phenomenal, purity and true beauty of the soul. The tattoo also represents peace and self-awareness.

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