Tattoo Lettering: Fonts Guide

When working on a tattoo lettering session, we always try to help our customers to create a unique and special design with many text/font generators, then adding a bit of personal touch on it. No one wants boring, dull and unattractive letters sticking on their skin for years, right? Tattoo lettering is more and more popular these days, people are drawn into the vision of inking their favorite quote, words or even poem on their body to express themself. But fonts and designs are really hard to understand and categorize sometimes, so that’s why we’re here to help you. After reading this, you’ll find it extra simple to choose the font for your next lettering tattoo.

1. Handwriting/Calligraphy fonts

Just exactly what you think when seeing its name, handwriting are graceful and sophisticated fonts that add a little girly, delicate touch to your tattoo design. Handwriting fonts are best with fine line tattoos to really make the design pops out so much more. One thing that we often do to make our customers’ tattoo lettering way more special is to play with sketches, lines, watercolors or even some small design like florals or stars. This is a great way to make your lettering tattoo one of a kind.

tattoo lettering: font guide 1984 Studio - Tattoo & Piercing 1984 Studio - Tattoo & Piercing

2. Old English fonts

Old English fonts are typeface that was used 1000 years ago throughout Western Europe. The style has a distinguished look and historical features, which make it really popular in the tattoo industry. However it’s really hard to write a tattoo in this style freehand, you’ll need some kinds of stencils to make sure your tattoo lettering is on point and looks fabulous. Old English fonts are getting more and more trendy these days, especially after the concert of Pablo and other rap artists. So if you want a classic but trendy tatt, just go for Old English.

tattoo lettering: font guide

3. Typewriter fonts

Typewriter fonts are basically fonts that mimic the old schools printed letters of a typewriter. Typewriter fonts can make your tattoo look grungy, classic and retro, based on the width of the strokes. Working on thinner strokes makes your tattoo look clean, delightful while thicker lines make it look aged and more of a vintage style. Depending on how you like it to be, this tattoo lettering is great when combining with watercolors to make a complete piece of art. With large pieces, typewriter fonts are really a nostalgic feature when going with old school tattoos.

tattoo lettering: font guide tattoo lettering: font guide tattoo lettering: font guide

4. Graffiti fonts

Speaking of graffiti, you might think it’s a current trend related to hip hop. However, graffiti has been around since ancient Rome, when people use it to write a message on the wall to announce something to the public. Due to the evolution of time, graffiti has then matched with hip hop and street culture to make a fantastic artistic duo. Graffiti fonts tattoo lettering is adding a whole new category to lettering fonts, and we know that your tattoo will stand tall from the crowd with this font.

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