What is Helix Piercing? – Helix Piercing facts that might surprise you

Looking for a fresh new piercing? Add something extraordinary and cool to your look? Welcome on board, my dear, you’re just right for a helix piercing. Trendy, attractive, and unique, that’s what you can see from a distance with a piercing. However, it’s often mistaken for other piercing positions such as the outer conch. But in this article, we will explain clearly the hot helix piercing. One step further, we will show you some facts of this piercing position that might surprise you.

Helix Piercing – What Is It?

cartilage piercing

To explain exactly, we will need your interaction. First, reach out to your ear, any side is alright, and feel its curves. Then touching the most outer cartilage of your ear, the round outer curve, that is where your helix piercing is placed. At this position, you can have a single, double, or even triple helix, which creates a variety in style this piercing location provides. Helix piercing also has another alternative, which is called the forward helix piercing.

Pros and Cons of A Helix Piercing

helix piercing


Always ask if you should go for it, or you might want something else when it comes to piercing. Here are some pros and cons that you definitely should have a look at to consider whether a cartilage piercing is just right.

Merits of the helix piercing:

Less painful: you won’t have to worry about bad times and pain during the piercing session. The main reason for this is that at this position, the outer ear, there are not many nerves so that you will have a smoother and less hurtful piercing process.

helix piercing


Versatile: If you want a piercing that can mix and match, or combine with other piercing types, the helix is the one for you. Fantastic ear decoration, fashionable and hot, the helix will make your outfit pop and have much more characteristics.

Easy aftercare: With this position, you’ll be less likely to have infections. It’s also much easier to clean the outer ear area than a nose or lips piercing. With all of that adding up, helix piercing is entire of a cool placement to get pierced.


Healing time: Apart from all the lovely merits, the healing time is what you might need to consider when it comes to this type of  piercing. Usually, it should take up to 6 months for the piercing to be completely healed. During this time, you should be avoiding changing jewelry and keeping up with the aftercare process.

Body rejection: There is a small chance that your body might reject the piercing by creating infection or bumps. To avoid this from happening, always choose titanium or stainless steel jewelry.

Why Doing Helix Piercing In Vietnam?


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