Best tiger tattoo design for men – Feel the king’s vibe

Tigers are the wildest animal that comes with grace and power, and since saving them is a battle, they can be a timeless piece of tiger tattoo design. Nowadays, tigers can only be found in South East Asia, China and part of Korea and people are trying their best to save these extraordinary creatures from extinction. The tiger tattoo design is a classic and statement piece that carries various meanings. Comes with all shape, size and design, a tiger tattoo is one of the best tattoo choices for men. Let us show you how incredible these tiger tattoo designs can get, and we’re sure that they will amaze you.

Tiger tattoo meaning

Tiger tattoos

Before being amazed by tiger tattoo designs, you should know about its meaning to fully aware of the charm of tiger tattoos. In China, people considered the tiger as the King of all animals, not the lion. So getting a tiger tattoo, to Chinese people, is the dream of having such intelligence, strength and fierceness as the tiger. Tiger tattoo represents yang –  a symbol of strong and vibrant energy. These meanings can be applied to most Asian countries’ tiger tattoo designs. Another meaning of the tiger tattoo is that they indicate the universe. According to Asian culture, there are five types of the tiger: white, black, blue, red and yellow. Each of them represents each season of the year and five elements of the universe. 

To help you know better about this graceful and incredible animal, here are some astonishing tiger tattoo designs.

Tiger tattoo design

Let’s start our session with an incredible tiger tattoo design. Yellow tiger tattoo is the supreme symbol that rules all other animals, plus it’s a tribute to the world’s largest source of energy, the sun. This is a wild design that either looks great or extremely meaningful.

We’ve all heard about the legendary Japanese tiger tattoo design, and now here they are. Although tigers are rarely seen in Japan, however, Japanese people are fond of these amazing animals. And due to that, the tiger tattoo design is absolutely in favour of Japan and all Asian tattoo lovers.

Tiger tattoos

If you think that design is familiar, yes, it is. As some of you might recognize, this tiger tattoo design is inspired by the famous beer brand “Tiger Beer.” This is one of the most famous beers in Vietnam and SouthEast Asia. You are still having that marvellous tiger vibe while honouring your favourite beer, what an exciting idea. 



This is another incredible tiger tattoo design. Combined with a geometric and dot work tattoo, this tiger tattoo is unique and has much more personality in it. Be creative with your design. 


Tiger tattoos

Tiger tattoos

Realistic tattoo design is never old. What is more graceful than a tiger itself? While other styles are abstract and 2D visual artwork of the tiger, realism sketches out all deep parts and strengthens the visual power of the real tiger. So next time, if you want an impressive, eye-catching and phenomenal tiger tattoo design, just go for realism. This style can be done in large pieces, so it’s the perfect choice for a tattoo sleeve.

Tiger tattoos