Cover Tattoos – All You Need to Know

Have you ever considered covering up an old tattoo of yours? While most people want their tattoos to be well-preserved and long-lasting, there are cases where you may want or need to cover up a tattoo. In this article, 1984 Studio will accompany you in exploring why you should consider covering up an old tattoo and provide advice on how you can get a new tattoo that suits your needs.


Changing Preferences

Our preferences can change over time, but tattoos will always remain. There may be times when you feel that you’re no longer interested in a tattoo that you once loved. Or simply put, you feel that the tattoo no longer reflects who you are at the present moment.


Outdated Tattoos

The world is constantly evolving, and society is making significant strides every day. For art enthusiasts, having a trendy tattoo is an excellent choice! Many art enthusiasts opt to cover up their outdated and old tattoos to make them look fresh and fashionable.


Wanting to Remove an Old Tattoo

Are you no longer together with that person? Does your old tattoo bring back painful memories that you no longer want to remember? There will always be situations where you want to remove your old tattoo. Some people choose methods like laser tattoo removal or other cosmetic procedures. However, these methods can be much more painful, and if not accompanied by proper diet and careful maintenance after removing the tattoo, the removal can even leave scars on your body, which is terrible. Therefore, some people have chosen another method to remove their old tattoo, which is to cover it up with a new tattoo.



Find a Professional Tattoo Artist

Certainly, covering up an old tattoo is not a simple matter. It requires the tattoo artist to have many skills such as the ability to assess and analyze the old tattoo, the ability to design a new tattoo, the technique of adjusting the machine angle, the ability to mix colors, as well as the ability to synchronize the old tattoo so that you have a complete and coherent artwork. Therefore, choose experienced and reputable tattoo artists to perform the cover-up tattoo for you. If you haven’t found a suitable artist yet, the artists at 1984 Tattoo Studio can definitely do this for you.

Discuss and Plan the Cover-Up Tattoo

After you have chosen an experienced artist to trust with covering up your tattoo, don’t forget to let them know your ideas for the new tattoo. Do you want a colorful tattoo or not? How big do you want the new tattoo to be? All the ideas you have about the new tattoo, tell them to the artist so that both of you can come up with the best direction for your tattoo. And always remember, communication is the key to success.

cover tattoos


Tattoo Cover-Up Process

Take Care of Your Tattoo After Cover-Up

Even after you have successfully covered up your tattoo, don’t be careless. Listen to and follow the instructions of the artist/assistant on how to preserve the tattoo. This is crucial to ensure that the final result of covering up your tattoo is beautiful.


Covering up a tattoo can be a wise decision for those who want to change or improve their appearance. However, make sure you carefully consider and discuss with an experienced tattoo artist before deciding to cover up your tattoo. Good luck with covering up your tattoo, and 1984 Tattoo Studio is here to support you on this journey!

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