Lotus Tattoo with OM Symbol Meaning and Design

Culture and religious symbols always surprise us on how much meaning it can carry just in a tiny and simple package. And so does the Om symbol. However, according to current tattoo trends, there are more and more people who have become interested in the lotus tattoo with Om symbol. Binding the two iconic symbols together has created an enormous effect on the design, making the meaning stronger and more impressive than ever before. Getting a lotus tattoo with Om symbol is now more and more popular among young generations. In this article, let’s figure out its meaning and have yourself some inspiration for your next lotus tattoo with Om symbol.


Lotus tattoo with om symbol meaning and design

The Om symbol, which is also spelled Aum or Ohm and Omkar, is a Sanskrit word. It’s known to be the first and highest word ever spoken. Om represents the beginning and holy of words emphasizes the mystic world and the universe. In modern-day, it means holy and a balanced state of mind. We’ve always been blown away by how much meaning is compressed in just one word, and up to now, Om is one of the highest honor words that we’ve ever learned about. In a different context, the Om symbol meaning will change and while we’re so into the lotus tattoo with Om symbol, let us show you all the meaning of it. Here we’ll go through some of the most excellent compliments to the Om word as well as non-Hindu meaning.

Lotus tattoo with om symbol meaning and design


Silence is equivalent to peace, it turns off all volume in life and puts us into a calm, peaceful state. In this circumstance, the lotus tattoo with Om symbol acts as a button to close all doors of noises and sound, leaving you with only the Om silence.

Evolution and Creation

Associated with the flower meaning, a lotus tattoo with Om symbol represents the evolution and changes in your life. It is where you overcome your obstacles, which can be a bad habit, a challenge at work or study, or you’ve finally made up your mind on something, and run to a better future. The tattoo is also relevant to the symbol of birth and rebirth.

Lotus tattoo with om symbol meaning and design

Indestructible Truth

The lotus on its own is already indicated purity and strength, combined with the Om symbol, the pair emphasize an even stronger meaning. It’s the word of truth and holy, and there is nothing in this entire universe that can deny that. Having a lotus tattoo with Om symbol is carrying the word of truth, indestructible and irresistible.

Lotus tattoo with om symbol meaning and design


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The design is a timeless artwork of sacred and holy, so you must be careful when choosing an area to get it inked. Just exactly like any other symbolic and religious-related tattoo, it’s considered disrespectful when tattooing the lotus tattoo with Om symbol anywhere inappropriate or on the lower body part. Due to that reason, the tattoo should only be done in the upper body area. Some of the best locations to put this magnificent tattoo on are the chest, back, and arms. Those are places that are suitable and beautiful for your incredibly meaningful lotus tattoo with Om symbol.

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Keep on doing your research before having a permanent lotus tattoo with Om symbol. Having a tattoo is a life-changing decision, and a symbolic tattoo is even more than that. It is a huge deal so make sure that you’ve read and learned enough before getting it.

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