About to have an Industrial Piercing? Read this first!

As we can see on many fashion Instagram posts these days, industrial piercing is a unique and extremely interesting position. You can be edgy, rocking that strong style or slide on a cuter look, just simply with an industrial piercing. However, aftercare for this piercing requires much more attention. So if you’re about to have one, here we have explanations, aftercare tips, pain level, and everything you need to prepare for this piercing. Read this before making the decision, come on in!

What Is An Industrial Piercing?

Industrial piercing is located on the ear cartilage and includes two piercing in a row. Generally, it’s a piece of jewelry that connects two piercings staying opposite each other.

We must say that this is a stunning position. Every single piece of jewelry will look so good on it. It’s also a very versatile piercing option, both men and women can enjoy it, and it will look amazing. So if you want some small details that make you stand out, go for an industrial piercing.

However, it’s hard to get the job done. Double piercing on the ear cartilage is much more complicated than a regular earlobe piercing. But as long as you have a professional do it for you, then you’ll be just fine. One more downside of this piercing position is that it needs a lot of care. It’s much trickier since you have two piercings to take care of at one time. Industrial piercing is literally double the hard work, double the pain as well.

Industrial Piercing Pain Level

Regularly, an earlobe piercing hurts nothing more than a sharp pinch. But when it comes to the cartilage piercing, especially when you’re doing it twice, it will definitely hurt. But as most of our client’s ratings, it won’t hurt more than a 6 out of 10 on the pain level.

Due to that, some even find it quite stressful heading out for the piercing session. So to help reduce it a little bit, talk to your piercer about your pain threshold and consider using numbing cream if necessary. Before that, you can do some practice with breathing exercises. And don’t forget to bring a friend that can calm you down during the session and everything will be just fine.

Healing Process

The healing process often varies and depends on each person’s body as well as their health condition. On average, it will take at least 1 or 2 months to heal completely. But if you’re not taking care of it properly, your industrial piercing may even take much longer.

Always check for swelling or odor, since if any of these happen, it means there are some infections. You’ll need to take them off or head to see the doctor.

One small tip with aftercare is to always clean the piercing every day. In fact, we recommend cleaning them carefully with salt water 3 times a day. Try not to touch the piercing to avoid any germs from your hand coming into the piercing position. You should treat it carefully as you’re handling an open wound since it really is.