Everything you should know about tattoo price

Surely, before getting a tattoo, people, especially those who are going to get the first tattoo, will have many questions. One of the biggest concerns is usually about the price: Is tattoo expensive or cheap? On what factors are tattoos valued? How much money will their tattoo cost?…

This article will help you clear up the above concerns to prepare the best before getting a new tattoo.


How is a tattoo priced?

A beautiful tattoo is a work of art, so it is difficult to have a concrete price list to appreciate those artistic values. In fact, each artist or studio will offer a different price range depending on their experience, reputation as well as the detail of the tattoo.

Basically, a tattoo will be priced based on the following factors:

  • The complexity and details of the tattoo: the more details the tattoo has, the more time the artist will have to spend on designing and tattooing. Of course, the price is also proportional to the detail of the tattoo. In some cases, with precise designs such as circles and lines, although it is very simple at first glance, it is difficult to do it correctly, just a few seconds of distraction can lose the “perfection” of the tattoo. The artist needs a lot of concentration when working on these styles, however, some clients who don’t have much “experience” of tattooing won’t know that and mistakenly think that implementing those patterns is so simple. They often wonder if they get a higher-than-expected quote.

tattoo-price-2 (1)


  • Size: Usually large sizes cost more money than smaller ones, but that’s when you compare different sizes on the same design. In some cases, small tattoos but complicated and detailed may be more expensive than tattoos with a much larger but simpler design.


  • Tattoo placement: the placement is also a factor affecting the cost of the tattoo. For example, in positions that are difficult to handle like fingers, behind ears, waist, knees, elbows … the cost will usually be a bit higher than positions that are easy to perform such as arms and legs. Because in positions where it is difficult to control, the artist will need a lot of professional experiences to handle such as placing the design, inserting the needle, stretching the skin in the right way, … to create the best results, help tattoos are always beautiful and long-lasting
  • Quantity of colors: Obviously, the more colors, the higher the price.


Above are the four basic factors to assess the physical value of a tattoo at most studios. With some famous artists, they usually charge the price over time. For example, when working with Vietnamese famous artists, customers will have to pay between 1.5 million – 2.5 million for 1 hour work. With international artists, that number will be 4-5 times, equivalent to more than 10 million per session (3-4 hours of work).


Note: Each artist will offer different prices, so you should contact the studio directly for detailed information. When discussing, there will be consulting steps, measuring the size for your tattoo, from that information the artist can give you a quote or a specific price range

How reasonable is the price for a tattoo?

Tattoos are lifelong art investments, not cheap.

A good tattoo isn’t cheap, and a cheap one isn’t good. Tattooing is art, and the artwork will stick with you all your life, so it needs to be invested with care and attention. Everyone wants to wear brand clothes worth tens to several hundred million, so we believe no one wants to own a cheap tattoo on their body.









Tattoo price reflects artist’s effort, studio experience, and aftercare services.

The price you spend is not only to buy a tattoo on the body, it is also commensurate with the gray matter the artist spends on their work, the experience of being cared you get at the studio during the tattooing process, the comfortable space that makes you forget the pain, and the post-tattoo session added value such aftercare service, warranty service…




In short, a reasonable price is when you give a big smile after finishing your tattoo and you feel really satisfied with what you get.

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