Marvelous snake tattoo – Origin, meaning and ideas

Sneaky, seductive and sinful, is that all the snake tattoos are about? Snakes are the magical animal in most of human folklore and imagination. They represent many powerful meanings, which can be found in Chinese, Greek, and Western culture. Some of the most famous definitions of this animal are quite negative, but if we are digging deeper into its origin, the tattoo carries some phenomenal symbol.

If you’re having some interest in this particular gorgeous design, let’s have a look at its meaning and history. In this article, we also provide some charming snake tattoo designs for your tattoo journey. Let’s get to it! 

Snake Tattoo History

snake tattoo

We must say that the snake is one of the most misunderstood animals on the planet. Many stories, myths, and religious contexts made people think of the snake as the symbol of evil. However, most meanings of this graceful animal are positive.

In most Greek mythology, the mighty snake means health and healing. The famous God of Medicine – Asclepius always carried a snake as his symbol and used it as the cure for most of the time.

In Chinese Zodiac, the snake is only associated with wisdom, mystery, grace, and power. Chinese culture never connects this strong animal with danger or evil. Instead, they think of the snake as a medicine and a unique lifestyle. 

The images of ouroboros (an ancient symbol of the snake biting its tail) in ancient Egypt represent life and death, cycles of the universe. It also means nature and the universe. 

Across many cultures, including Native Americans, Indians, and Chinese, the snake symbolizes fertility, healing, and immortality. 

snake tattoo

However, the famous devious meaning started in the Bible. When the great God created humans, they were called Adam and Eva, and they lived in the Garden of Eden. God told them not to touch the forbidden fruit, while everything else belonged to them. A snake then came and seduced Eva to take the fruits. Once she ate it, that was when the sins spread out into the world. Since then, the snake images and tattoo are associated with temptation, sin, and devious behavior. 

Snake Tattoo Meaning

As we walk through its history, we have met many of its meanings. But here is the ultimate meanings of the snake tattoo.

Power and danger: No matter good or bad, the snake is definitely a powerful image. In nature, the snake is a lonely hunter, a predator with dangerous venoms. 

snake tattoo

Healing: Snake sheds its own skin for healing and for growing in sizes. That’s why a snake tattoo can represent healing and transformation.

Fertility: Due to its shape and natural habitat, these graceful reptiles are associated with birth and fertility.

Wisdom: although connected with temptation and seducing, snake tattoo represents wisdom as well. In fact, snakes are very smart predators. 

Snake Tattoo Design

When it comes to snake tattoo design, you can go with many tattoo styles. It’s also well-known that snake tattoo can be paired with many other symbols. Florals, skulls, knives, and plants; these charming designs never fail to impress us. Let’s have a look at these incredible designs.


snake tattoo

snake tattoo

snake tattoo

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