Vietnamese coffee tattoo: Extraordinary designs for coffee lovers

Any travelers who come to Vietnam will fall hard for Vietnamese coffee. Rịch, bitter and sweet, it’s so hard to resist a cup of coffee in this beautiful country. But if you want to step up in the coffee game, how about a Vietnamese coffee tattoo? Here we have some of the most delicious looking Vietnamese coffee tattoos. But that’s not all of it, how about taking a local tour on all types of Vietnamese coffee? Come on in, coffee lovers, let’s get some coffee. 

Vietnamese Coffee Tattoo Design

 Nothing can beat a good old cup of Vietnamese drip coffee. Whether you enjoy it pure black or add condensed milk for sweetness, they are all phenomenally good. This Vietnamese coffee tattoo comes in the abstract design. Create a minimalistic design but still rich in coffee.

Vietnamese Coffee Tattoo

Next up is a cup of creamy Vietnamese coffee tattoo. Thick, beautiful layers of condensed milk, then black coffee, this is how we do it traditionally. If you love this drink, we bet that you’ll love this tattoo design.

Vietnamese Coffee Tattoo

And last but not least, if you’ve spent a long enough trip to explore the local life, you may realize this. Most Vietnamese love spending time with a delicious cup of morning coffee and some casual smoke. Take some newspapers, and you will blend in. 

Vietnamese Coffee Tattoo

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Vietnamese Coffee Trip

After joining us on the adorable Vietnamese coffee tattoo, let’s move on and explore the incredible journey of Vietnamese coffee. To your surprise, Vietnamese coffee is much more than just regular black and milk coffee.

1. Black and milk coffee

This is one of the most popular types of coffee in Vietnam. Most Vietnamese people started their days with this drink. If you’re searching on how to make it at home, we must say that it’s straightforward. Brewing using a tool called “phin” and Robusta coffee beans, Vietnamese coffee is meant to be enjoyed in a slow and chilled rhythm. While waiting for the coffee to drip down, read some newspaper and enjoy your morning. This can be served hot or cold with ice, depending on how you like it.

Vietnamese Coffee Tattoo

If you’ve traveled around the country for a while, you might eventually realize that each part of Vietnam has a different taste of coffee. In Saigon, your milk coffee is served with crushed ice and was called “cà phê sữa đá.” In Hanoi, they call it “nâu đá,” and only served in small cups with 1 or 2 ice cubes. And if you have been to Danang, you can taste a much stronger coffee, with quite a Hanoi coffee experience. 

2. Egg Coffee

A few years ago, egg coffee was Hanoi’s signature drink. But now, the entire Vietnam and most foreign people love it so badly. The drink itself might sound weird if it’s the first time you try it. We know, but trust us, nothing better than a chilly Hanoi weather, sitting at Giảng and having some egg coffee. Sweet, fluffy, and creamy egg custard goes incredibly well with bitter black coffee. The recipe is so simple. You just need to whip the egg yolk with sugars until fluffy, then pour on the hot coffee. But the result is just so delicate. 

3. Coconut coffee

How could we forget this rising star? It got famous in Saigon recently, and everyone loves it. Coconut coffee is simply an icy mixture of coconut milk, condensed milk, and ice blend together. Then finish off with straight black coffee. This is just perfect for a summer treat.

After checking out such a beautiful coffee journey of Vietnam and some interesting Vietnamese coffee tattoos, what do you think? Stay tuned. We have more Vietnamese delicacies waiting for you to explore.

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